Monday, October 17, 2011

Sony Cybershot DSC-TX55 Digital Camera Hands On Review - Preview

Sony is just starting to ship the newest pocket-able TX digital camera, the Sony Cybershot DSC-TX55 and I have one on order which will be arriving soon for a complete hands-on review and evaluation. On paper, this digital camera is killer.

It is a little thicker than a penlight battery, features the latest and greatest 16 megapixel EXMOR CMOS sensor, and adds some new features, the most notable being the 10X digital zoom capability that stretches the 5X optical zoom to 10X zoom with no reduction in pixel count meaning you will get 10X zoom at full 16 megapixel resolution comparable to what you would achieve with a 10X optical zoom with little to no pixelation or digital artifacts associated with conventional digital zoom equipped cameras.

Here's a better explanation (from the Expert Reviews website (

"The technology, which Consumer Reports claims is to be dubbed 'Clear Image Zoom,' uses a new form of interpolation called 'by-pixel super resolution'. Unlike traditional digital zoom capabilities, which simply enlarge the centre portion of an image and can cause severe image quality issues, Sony's new technology claims to use intelligent pattern matching to ensure that the zoomed image is as clear as it would have been had it been taking with optical zoom capabilities."

Sony calls this feature "Clear Image Digital Zoom" which is one of the first things I will be testing with sample photos posted to see if this revolutionary new technology works as advertised. It also has a 3.3" high resolution OLED screen and the camera features faster image processing and response times. Stay tuned as the review will be posted shortly.

When I first read the Sony press release about the Clear Image Digital Zoom technology, I was reminded of a key scene from the movie Blade Runner where Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) scans a photo into a special high tech scanner/printer and he enlarges (Enhances) the image using voice recognition and there is no loss in image quality as he magnifies the image by at least a power of 8-800X. This is a excellent example of te technology being invented after it is realistically imagined in a brilliant Science Fiction movie. Kudos to Ridley Scott and the production team of Blade Runner for getting the technology so right in 1982.


Get Close with Clear Image Zoom
Clear image zoom BOOSTS magnification WITHOUT lowering the pixel count in the final image so your customer can zoom in and still get amazing, high resolution images.

Without Clear Image Zoom
Fuzzy ears (not in a good way)

With Clear Image Zoom
Adorable, whiskered perfection!
Clear image digital zoom maintains a high-resolution feel that is as precise as optical zoom and vastly expands the zoom range without lowering visible quality or pixel count in the final image. With By Pixel Super Resolution processing, the camera's 5x optical zoom range is extended, allowing full resolution 16.2MP images with a maximum digital 10x zoom.
How does Sony-exclusive By Pixel Super Resolution processing work?

  • The DSC-TX55 includes a Sony-developed database that categorizes hundreds of patterns
  • Each image is analyzed pixel by pixel, patterns are classified and compared to the database
  • To double the size of the image, by pixel, it could mean creating 3 additional pixels from the original pixel
  • (four times more information compared to original pixel, causing possible degradation of image quality)
  • To avoid degradation, By Pixel Super Resolution creates optimal new pixel data using the database
  • Final picture is clear and detailed!

What is the customer benefit?
Clear image digital zoom boosts magnification without lowering the pixel count in the final image. Edge sharpness is superb and subtle textures such as leaves and wood grain (and lion fur!) exhibit outstanding realism. Your customers will enjoy photos that beautifully capture every precious moment.
Significantly boosts still image quality during movie recording. At a touch of the shutter button, 'Dual Rec' grabs detail-packed 12 megapixel-level still photos without interrupting Full HD video shooting.


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing the info. I recently purchased the new launched Cyber-shot DSC-TX55 from Sony. It's really slim, may be the slimmest in India, has great zooming capacity. Has a cool look. I am ready to take the device with me in my next tour and have some great snaps. This 16.2 mp camera gives you quality shots.

  2. Wonderful review! I am thinking of getting a new point and shoot camera and I am thinking of getting one of the top rated digital cameras in the market today, this Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX55 Digital Camera. But I am still trying to look for good models. I will definitely consider your review and I hope I won't regret my purchase! Thanks! ;)