Sunday, April 1, 2012

Larry Carlton at The Firehouse Arts Center Pleasanton CA

Mr.335 himself, (nick-named after his signature Gibson ES335 hollow body jazz guitar) Mr Larry Carlton performed at the Pleasanton Firehouse Arts Center on March 22nd. The 4 time Grammy winner performed some of his best known classics and a number of new songs from his most recent album Larry Carlton plays TSOP, The Sound of Philadelphia. One of the highlights was his performance of If You Don't Know Me By Now. The cover of this Harold Melvin and the Blue notes song was soulful and passionate and brought tears to the eyes of the audience which was definitely an older crowd. We had third row seats near the center of this ultra small venue (207 seats) and this concert was simply amazing. If you ever have an opportunity to see Larry Carlton you will not be disappointed. He is a living legend of popular jazz guitar and put so many popular performers on the map as you can hear his lead guitar work on over 100 gold albums.