Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Netiquette IQ, The Book, The definitive guide to writing email is now available

My good friend Paul Babicki has been working on a pet project over the last 5 years or so and I am pleased to announce that he has just released his book, Nettiqette IQ.

As snail mail has rapidly phased out as a primary means of business communications, email has replaced that form of communication with the proliferation of computers and mobile devices. I have seen the deterioration of the quality of emails over time and addressing the problem of writing a proper email that is relevant to the occasion from a business or personal perspective  is a problem that Paul has tackled head-on with the formation of his web-site and blog, Webiquette IQ and the release of the follow-on book.

This is the definitive and last book you will ever need as a reference guide or even a manual on etiquette and manners for all forms of electronic communications. The timing could not be better as new generations adopt email as their primary form of communications. Maintaining courtesy, decorum and above all common sense manners on the Internet is a task that has been overlooked....until now.

Please check out the book at:


The Netiquette IQ Blog is also a very helpful resource and reference point for those who want tlearn more before purchasing the book.


I want to extend a sincere thanks to Paul for producing this outstanding resource and for all of his efforts with helping all of us of communicate more effectively and to maintain decorum on the Internet.