Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Saepta Julia Was the Ancient Place to Gather and Cast Your Vote

August 5th, 2014

Today, Saepta is the New Social Voting Platform, Delivering Freedom to Ask a Question and Share Openly and Freely for Everyone and Anyone to Participate in Engaged Voting

Pleasanton, CA (PRWEB) August 05, 2014
Saepta, the innovative social voting platform, has delivered an open environment for posting questions, casting them to an open or private community, and enabling real-time responses that are both anonymous and candid.

“Saepta synthesizes voting with opinions and measurement, to help people learn more about the world around them, express their views, and understand more deeply the issues that affect their lives and how others feel about the events and ideas that are happening,” said Bruce Hendrix, Saepta Co-Founder and CEO. “Saepta is a revolutionary platform because it enables anyone, from an individual to a large corporation, to post questions, instantly gather votes and responses, and view the results visually in real time.”

The process for publishing a question is easy. A user simply creates a question, adds an attention-grabbing image and posts the question, with the option of public or private viewing on Saepta. The author can then publish on their other social networks to maximize participation, and the question can also be embedded directly into websites and blogs, creating added engagement.

“I’m very impressed with Saepta – I love everything about it,” said Paul Babicki, President of NetiquetteIQ and Tabularosa.Net. “Saepta offers visitors a unique platform, an elegant GUI, and a fresh use of multimedia and social networking. I’m able to take advantage of it for customer insight about products, services and our business processes. There is nothing better for improving business than directly asking customers how you can improve and seeing their answers in real-time.”
Both public and private voter identities remain anonymous, ensuring user privacy and dependable and trustworthy response data. All voters are privy to the tallying results in real-time, immediately aware of how others feel about the issues, ideas, and events happening locally or globally. Saepta is ideal for anyone curious about what others think.

“Compared to traditional survey solutions, which are structured, formal and take weeks to get results, Saepta allows me to ask customers a single question, which they’re much more likely to answer than a long questionnaire, and results are faster,” said Frank Picarello, Chief Operating Officer of TeamLogic IT. “I publish the question and within minutes, I see responses and results. A tremendously positive side benefit is that it’s created more powerful and meaningful engagements with our customers.”
Who can use Saepta?

Saepta is perfectly suited for researchers, media content developers (Internet/radio/TV hosts/Journalists), customer service organizations, marketing professionals, media outlets, parents, non-profit organizations, students, movement changers, political dissidents and more. Essentially, it’s designed for everyone interested in receiving clear and direct feedback. All results derived through the Saepta platform are anonymous, real-time, and based on actual feedback from voter participation and can therefore help any individual or organization understand trends in what others are thinking but may rather declare anonymously online.
Global Discussion

Saepta can be used to start an informal, civil-society-backed discussion designed to gauge support for electoral or cause changes, helping determine the pulse of how the general public feels about candidates, platforms or promises.
Personal Insight

When a favorite sports team signs a multi-million dollar athlete, users can ask what others think. Ask friends what they think of the next election, or a local news event, another celebrity blow-up, or moments that can change the world. Saepta is there to instantly vote, obtain opinions and share with others.
Business Use

Bridge the gap to an improved customer experience with Saepta. For customer service organizations, Saepta creates the opportunity to interact directly with customers by posting targeted questions, gathering real-time responses, and inviting customers into the process by allowing them to witness the votes and comments for enhancing customer engagement experiences. Companies can improve and develop innovative products, features and policies.
Integration with Leading Social Media:

Consumers and businesses using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+, via mobile or web, can rapidly make their vote count on any number of questions, relating to music, sports, politics, celebrities, education or current events, and just as importantly, to create and share questions of their own. This allows them to capitalize on the combination of instant voting, social media and opinions.
About Saepta

Saepta has rethought polls, surveys for today’s world: Fast, visual, open and optimized for audience engagement with an innovative social voting platform that lets everyone effortlessly create questions and share votes, ideas and information instantly. Please visit http://www.saepta.com. For additional information regarding the company, please see get.saepta.com.