Monday, April 14, 2014

High Quality Photo Printing at The Lowest Per Page Cost Epson 1430 Artisan Ink Jet CIS System

Photo Printing High Quality and Lowest Cost
Achieving The Lowest Page Cost
With a CIS (Continuous Ink System) and the 

Epson Artisan 1430 Ink Jet Printer
Producing photo quality prints in the comfort of your own home or home office in a
cost effective manner has until recently been impossible to do until recent
developments on the CIS (continuous ink system) front came to market to
overcome many of the shortcomings and defects of the current generation
of CIS systems currently available for Epson Inkjet Photo printers. Reliability
and consistent ink quality issues are no longer a concern as the ink clogging
problem has been resolved with the introduction of polyethylene tubing
which is resistant to ink clogs and provides a reliable ink delivery system
that prevents ink clogs and ensures long reliable print head life on
Epson Photo Inkjet printers. 99% of the other CIS systems use PVC
ink supply hoses which deteriorate over time and cause the ink jet
to clog frequently. When installed on the Epson Artisan 1430 wide
carriage Photo Printer, you can print a  13” x 19” glossy photo print
for about .50 Cents total ink cost. The average ink cost per print
when using Epson Claria Print cartridges averages between $4.75
and $5.50 per print. Printing a 13” x 19” Color Photo for 1/10th the
ink cost is a significant cost savings no matter how you look at it.
Factor in the printer reliability, colorfast ink properties UV ray
resistance and color fidelity consistency and you have a truly affordable
 photo printer printing system that starts paying for itself immediately.
You will save over $1,000.00 in net ink costs after printing the first
200 13” x 19” photos.

I have spent many months researching CIS Continuous Ink Systems
designed specifically for the Epson Artisan 1430 printer. After much
trial and error, I have found the best CIS system by methodically
testing and re-testing the system with different high quality ink-jet
photo paper from Epson, Canon, Kodak and HP.

If you have an interest in obtaining one of these systems for personal or
commercial business use, please contact me at
Purchase and lease price quotations with bundled maintenance agreements 

are available upon request.

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