Sunday, July 19, 2009

Air Travel with the Voyage-Air Folding Acoustic Guitar

I just got back from an extended trip to New York City which happened to be the first air travel trip I took with the Voyage-Air Travel Acoustic Guitar. I have to admit I was a little nervous as I waited to have my Voyage-Air VAOM6 to pass through the San Francisco airport X-RAY machines. Sure enough it passed through with no delays and it was onward to the departure gate. Once we got on board the plane I was able to find on overhead compartment just above my assigned seat in coach and carefully placed the VA Guitar Case horizontally in the overhead compartment. The Overhead Compartment door closed with plenty of room to spare and my anxiety went away as the plane taxied down the runway. I had heard that passengers have paid another seat fare just to get their stringed instrument stowed on board the plane and that checking the instrument in the cargo hold is on sure-fire way to commit instrument suicide and the baggage handlers will almost surely destroy any stringed instrument no matter how tough the carrying case is designed. After we landed in New York's JFK airport I retrieved the Voyage-Air Guitar from the overhead compartment and de-planed as easily as I boarded the aircraft. WOW! How easy was that? No extra baggage charges. Piece of mind knowing that the guitar is safely stowed in a protective case in the overhead storage compartment. No unwieldy heavy case to carry or handle while getting on or off the plane. This was a piece of cake. As easy as bringing a laptop computer on-board a plane. I am ecstatic as I now know that I can travel by plane with my Voyage-Air VAO6 guitar without any hassles and without having to pay the airlines additional fares. I can really see the Voyage-Air guitar paying for itself if one frequently flies and has to pay extra for special baggage handling or to have their instrument stored on board and charged an extra plane fare for the special handling. This is a HUGE advantage that Voyage-Air brings to the table for all amateur and professional guitarists.

I un-folded the guitar as soon as I checked into the hotel and only the B string needed a minor tuning adjustment. I reassembled the guitar and was in tune in about a minute's time. Simply AMAZING.

I just experienced it in real-time and can personally attest to the ease of travel this folding-guitar design and custom guitar case delivers for air travel.

Voyage-Air Guitars Are the Real Deal!!!!!

There you have it. A personal testimonial for the Voyage-Air guitar's AIR TRAVEL WORTHINESS.
This is the real deal. If you are looking for an excellent sounding primary guitar that just happens to fold (also Making it a Travel Guitar) the Voyage-Air is the only game in town.

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