Sunday, July 19, 2009

Movie Review - The Hurt Locker

I may be getting a little ahead of myself but I'm recommending The Hurt Locker a as a must-see movie for 2009. Go see it! Right now. This movie has OSCAR written all over it.

Kathryn Bigelow has returned to form as one of the best directors working today and The Hurt Locker is a tour-de-force display of her mastery of the craft of film-making. Terse, Taut, riveting action sequences, a terrific story and well drawn characters will have your palms sweating as soon as the title sequences fade off the screen. The characters are very well developed and their interactions drive the movie forward. I do not want to provide any spoilers I can guarantee that you will be thoroughly entertained by this movie and will provoke a lot of questions about what really motivates certain people and how that impacts working peers colleagues and family.

The movie makes a lot of points about the importance of life and how each person's perception of preserving life is frighteningly relative. The Hurt Locker is remarkably apolitical (for a movie set during the current War in Iraq) and stays that way because of it's laser like focus on the incredibly high odds that are stacked against this bomb disposal team and their desire to make ithrough another day without injury.

This is a most visceral and cerebral movie that cleverly leaves politics out of the movie to let the viewer focus on what is going on inside the heads of the bomb-disposal special unit members and how each individually and collectively handles the day-to-day stress of making it through their rotation alive and in one piece. Jeremy Renner plays the replacement Bomb Disposal commander of the 3 person unit and definitely deserves an Oscar for his break-out performance.

The Hurt Locker gets Two Thumbs Up. Highly Recommended.

This movie will definitely shake up you psyche and make you count your blessings and just knowing that you will never have to experience what these guys actually go through on a daily basis. If you think you're having a tough day at the office or work, just think about these guys trying to make it through the day ALIVE without getting maimed or blown up.

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