Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why Diesels are Better Than Hybrids

A big debate has been brewing recently over the superiority of Hybrids over Diesels as the preferred way to go "Green" and to save your hard-earned dollars on petroleum. Many of the points made by Hybrid advocates and even the marketing departments of car companies will lead you believe that there is no down-side to owning and driving a Hybrid automobile. I recently drove a Hybrid car from a major auto manufacturer but it was a mid size sedan and this is the 2nd year that model it has been on the market. I was less than impressed with the acceleration, the brake pedal feel and the automatic transmission continually hunting for the right gear when accelerating up a long grade hill. The car did not handle well and the extra weight of the Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries was the culprit. It think that a lot of folks who drive hybrids see the negative handling characteristics of a Hybrid as something that they learn to live with. It is not exactly a safety issue but I can personally attest to you can drive a "Green" car and not give up any of the traditional handling characteristics of a regular gasoline engine automobile. The latest generation of diesel automobiles give nothing up in terms of car handling characteristics and while at the same time providing decent performance and braking capabilities.
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Diesel vs Hybrids Video

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