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Fujifilm F30 Point and Shoot Camera Review

FujiFilm F30 Digital Camera Review
10 OZ Pocket DSLR - Low Light Champion -@ 3200 ISO!!!!
Review created: 06/18/06 (updated 06/25/06)

I just got my Finepix F30 on 6/12/06. It was on back order with J&R Computers for 4 weeks but worth the wait. Low light performance is ASTOUNDINGLY GOOD! You will never have to turn the flash on. Noise crops up from ISO settings 400 up to 800, 1600 and 3200 but the trade-off is acceptable especially if you are in a situation where flash is prohibited and you need to capture that once in a life-time shot at a Concert or Museum. You will be able to get clear shots and use higher shutter speeds with the higher ISO settings. The camera springs to life almost instantly and the zoom lens retracts in an instant. When you need the flash, it's there and does a great job of adjusting the intensity based on the light metering real-time readings. Although the camera is still not fully controllable in the traditional MANUAL SETTING mode, it still offers you enough flexibility in setting the aperture and shutter speeds to adapt to various challenging lighting and action shooting scenarios.

This camera is a HUGE upgrade over the original Finepix F10. It outperfoms that camera in almost every way. I know because I owned the Finepix F10 for about a year before upgrading to the F30. Faster, Sharper images, more responsive and higher light sensitivity with lower noise and artifacts. I call it a DSLR (Digital SLR) in a pocket. For those times when you do not want to break out the heavy artillery (which is more than 85% of the time for me) the Finepix F30 is the camera of choice for getting those indoor shots that could only be captured by a much larger (and EXPENSIVE) Digital SLR camera. Kudos to Fujifilm for continuing to push the bleeding edge of compact digicams that can produce high quality images without a flash in extreme low-light conditions. You will be capturing truly candid photos as the lack of flash will put your subjects more at ease and encourage spontaneity. I carry the Finepix F30with me everywhere because it is small and pocket-able. Although it is about 4 ounces heavier than the ultra-small pocket zoom point and shoot cameras it gives me much more capability in terms of low-light performance and getting the shot only a much larger and heavier Digital SLR is capable of. Most of theF30's capabilities can be attributed to the latest generation of Fujifilm's Super CCD Imager which provides higher ISO sensitivity than most if not all of their competitors while keeping the images at very low noise levels.

Check it out NOW!!. Fujifilm has a limited-time $50.00 manufacturer's rebate promotion (whic expires the end of July 2006). You can get one for as little as $349.95 from an Internet Reseller. At $299.95 net cost, after the rebate this is one of the best bleeding-edge digicam deals out there today.

Watch the DSLR guy's mouth drop as you take existing light photos that are about as good as his $1500.00 set-up at the school play or graduation. ALL WITHOUT A FLASH. Existing light photos with accurate white balance from a $300.00 digicam. Amazing. That's what the Finepix F30 delivers. This is the real deal. Now watch Canon, Sony and Olympus re-group after their Marketing Dept. gets a Finepix F30 to evaluate.

Mr Gondo gives this Fujifilm F30 digicam 5/5 Stars. The Fujifilm Engineers did their homework on this camera and it shows. I now leave the heavy artillery home (Olympus E-1 and Sony R1) for the more challenging photo shoots. Thank you Fujifilm for lightening my load and putting the candid factor back into digital photography.

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  1. Wonderful review! I am thinking of getting a new point and shoot camera and I am thinking of getting one of the top rated digital cameras in the market today, this Fujifilm F30 Digital Camera. But I am still trying to look for good models. I will definitely consider your review and I hope I won't regret my purchase! Thanks! ;)