Monday, January 25, 2010 Website Review Website Review 1/21/10
by Wesley Lem

2010 rolled in with a bang so here we go with a bunch of New Year's
resolutions. How about "Won't get fooled again" with apologies to the
Who. The one big resolution I made this year is that I will not buy any
more crappy musical instruments and accessories that eventually end up in the trash can. I will also not buy into the manufacturers hype for their products until I read an authoritative unbiased uncensored review about the product. The problem is how do I figure out what products are
really really good, and what products are crap and how and where do I buy the really good field tested products without spending an arm and a leg?

If you are a beginning guitarist, or someone who used to play but are getting back into it after a prolonged hiatus is the best website by far for getting the lowdown on all things related to guitars but most importantly gets you to the bottom of a product review and gives you the uncensored thumbs up or thumbs down on musical products and accessories that are designed to enhance your playing. In addition to really good concise and to the point written reviews are equally helpful you tube video reviews that are refreshingly short, succinct and to the point. The features functions and benefits are fleshed out within the first 30 seconds of the videos and being able to hear how a guitar or amplifier sounds and performs is really useful.

Billy is a working guitarist/musician, techno geek and everyday working guy who saw a need for a web-site that laid out the gospel truth about whether a product works as advertised and just as importantly, Billy will point out if you're getting your money's worth. This is about as close as you'll get to getting a Consumer Reports magazine for Guitars and Guitar Gear and Accessories.. Whether you play electric, acoustic, are into rock, jazz, blues, country, rockabilly, hip hop soul
whatever...... you will find extremely useful information on this web-site that you will not find anywhere else. The web-site is well organized and the BLOG takes center stage and is updated on a daily basis. Billy has reviewed guitars, amplifiers, and products that improve a musician's sound and productivity. As an example, Billy reviewed the ZT lunchbox amplifier which is unto itself a technical tour-de-force of engineering ingenuity. Basically its a portable 200 watt amp speaker
system is the size of a school lunch box, weighs about 9 pounds and just plain kicks arse when compared to amp/speaker systems several times larger. This ZT amp sells for $260.00 and will get the job done, and then some for about every guitar player. This amp outperforms speaker amp systems costing thousands more. broke the story and conducted the first field tests an published reviews for this amplifier. screens and checks out the bleeding edge products for you and saves you a ton of money in the process.

The reviews are done from a unique point of view...As a working musician, Billy knows what features are valuable and what features are useless so he can really review gear as if you were doing the review yourself.

Check out the website. It is truly a labor of love. It's really cool that Billy is sharing his knowledge with newbies and experienced musicians alike. We need more web-sites like 300 to keep the Manufacturers in check..that is to make sure their stuff is field-tested and works and that you the customer will not get ripped off. Getting the best bang for the buck is a common theme here and I guarantee you will save a ton of money by following the web site.

Billy for building and maintaining this web-site. It's really for all musicians that are tired of getting ripped off and want to get all of the latest and greatest developments in guitar gear and news in one comprehensive BS-free web-site.

Check it out:

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