Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Subject To Interpretation - My Favorite Steely Dan Lyrics

These are some of my favorite Steely Dan lyrics, culled from their catalog of work as the Group Steely Dan and from their solo album projects. As attendees of Bard college and with Donald obtaining a degree in English Literature, one would expect at the least clever satirical lyrics that challenged the listener to interpret them after multiple listen-ings. I don't think any of their songs contained throwaway lyrics or meanings and they spent a lot of time carefully selecting these words as they knew that it would be their closely examined legacy if they became halfway successful which they did.

Here are my favorite Steely Dan Lyrics:
(Listed in no particular priority)

"I'm reading last years papers although I don't know why
Assassins, Cons and Rapers, might as well die" from the song King of The World - Album - Countdown to Ecstasy

"Agents of the law
Luckless pedestrian
I know you're out there
With rage in your eyes and your megaphones
Saying all is forgiven
Mad Dog surrender
How can I answer
A man of my mind can do anything
I'm a bookkeeper's son
I don't want to shoot no one
Well I crossed my old man back in Oregon
Don't take me alive
Got a case of dynamite
I could hold out here all night
Yes I crossed my old man back in Oregon
Don't take me alive"
From the song  Don't Take Me Alive - Album: The Royal Scam

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