Monday, July 4, 2011

Check Your Ego At The Door: Famous People I Admire

This is a new list that I have come up with and it is taken from famous people I have come to admire over time not only for their accomplishments and contributions they have made in their chosen careers but the way they have conducted themselves and set examples in their personal lives as much as they have demonstrated the utmost in professionalism on the job. What they all have in common though is that they have kept their egos in check throughout their careers and have let their work do the talking for them. No grandstanding, no out of control binging, and just plain heads down common sense prevails here.  This list covers dead and living people so here goes (In no particular order or priority):

1)  Paul Newman
2)  Bill Bradley
3)  Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice talks about the "Hill" from an NFL Films Interview
4)  Larry Carlton
5) Wally Amos
6)  Neil Young
7)  James Taylor
8)  Mark Knopfler
9)  Greg Kihn
10) Cory Booker
11) John Warnock
12) Chuck Geschke
13)  Mitch Kapor
14) Peter Falk
15) William Gibson
16) Bjorn Borg
17) Ichiro Suzuki
18) Hideki Matsui
19) Dirk Nowitzki
20) Zachary Breaux
21) Pierre Omidyar
22) Bruce Springsteen

Glory Days MTV Video Directed by John Sayles

23) Earl "The Pearl" Monroe

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  1. Great list and what a great way to provide insight into a person's values and relative importance of the things that matter in life. Appears you like sincerity, honesty, hard work, and people have have made an impact beyond their personal success. cheers!